What is Collecting Perceptions?

Inspired by a challenge posted by my friend Michelle, I decided to gather videos of people sharing their perspectives on the given context. 

The context varies from a single word, quote, statement/phrase, or question. 

Personally, I like the idea of getting people to share their respective thoughts about a given topic and be able to set a platform to showcase the different perceptions of a given topic to the world and say that everything in life as multiple perspectives and perceptions. 

Simply saying that everything isn't black or white. In fact, it is colourful. In nature, there is no right or wrong, only acceptance. 

In a nutshell, this experimental project serves to aid people to take a bold step in expressing their true self without having to fear judgement or discrimination, instead, they will only be feeling empowered while empowering others in the process.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Participants are requested to share their views without any discrimination towards other perceptions.

  • We take that you have given your full consent to use your video for "Collecting perceptions" project, webpage, and youtube channel.

  • Note that we do not do any edits, except for adding in Images when necessary, hence, we request you to do your own privacy filters editing prior sending.

  • Our "Collecting Perceptions team" has the rights to decline using any videos if we deem it to be inappropriate for viewership.

  • Participants are required to be fully clothed or decently attired in the video. We only want to see your naked soul, not your body. 

  • Participants may choose to participate as and when they feel like. There is no dateline or restrictions on how many videos you like to share.

  • Videos file size should be compatible with Whatsapp (approx.3mins video or 16MB) and Email upload (10MB). The mp4 format would be good. 

  • All videos or mp3 format audios are to be submitted titled " Collecting perceptions - Topic name - Your name" (e.g. "Collecting perceptions-i am enough-Eckshar") to contact@saviourconcultations.com or WhatsApp to +65 81517640

  • If in any case, someone feels the need for psychologically or emotionally support, are encouraged to seek professional help. They may also contact our respective Psychotherapist for a session or referral for professional assistance.


Topics for Video

You are entitled to choose more than one video topic to participate in from the list below:

  1. " I AM ENOUGH" - Started on 25th May 2019

  2. Share your thoughts on "Monday Blues" - Started on 27th May 2019