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Frequently Asked Questions

We created our forum as an informative and engaging tool for the entire community. To make your experience even better, we’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions, and their answers below. Take a look and get in touch if you can’t find what you’re looking for.


Is Saviour Consultations just another reiki business?

No. In the beginning, Saviour Consultations may have started by offering paid reiki services alongside selling crystals and talismans, and free psychotherapy services. Whereas now, Saviour consultations have grown into a holistic business offering services such as psychotherapy, the Goulding process, reiki healing, and reiki classes. Our goal is to provide holistic mental, emotional and spiritual health services.

What services do you offer, and what are your charges?

Do click on the Services tab on the menu bar to explore the types of services we offer. Please also refer to the service rates page to view all service fees. 

How often do you change/alter your service rates?

To ensure a smooth business transaction we try not to change our rates often, unless when there is a need to accommodate the changes in the current room rental and energy exchange rates. 

Do you still have a physical location?

Sadly, we no longer have a physical location. However, face-to-face sessions and classes are still ongoing at selected locations for the respective services. See locations

Do you offer online services?

Yes. We can offer most of our services online via several media platforms (Zoom, Doxy. me, & Skype)

Is Saviour Consultations a registered business in Singapore?

Yes, we are registered with ACRA. Our UEN number can be found at the bottom of this page.

Do your staff meet professional standards?

Yes. Currently, the majority of saviour operations are overseen by our founder. You may view the founder's page regarding her credentials.

Do you offer volunteering &/or collaboration opportunities?

Yes. Do check out Dolpha Project for more information on how you may collaborate. You may also email us if you wish to extend your services to help saviour consultations grow.

Do you provide discounts or special offers?

Saviour Consultations offers a special rate for healthcare and helping professionals under the scheme called "Healers package", and student discounts.  Click here to find out more.

What are the types of payment options available?

Check payment methods.  Clients will also be informed of the types of payment options via Invoice.

When do you usually host events?

See the Events & Special offer page for more information.

Can I still sign up for a regular or recurring class or event even after the Eventbrite link has expired?

You may still sign up for private reiki classes & reiki shares via Book Online or by other methods. As for events, you may not be able to sign up once the Eventbrite link has expired, unless other options are available.


General Enquiry


Psychology Patient

What is Psychotherapy?, and What types of therapy do you offer?

See Psychotherapy and Counselling Page

Is Psychotherapy only for the mentally ill?

Not true. Anyone who is looking for a way to maintain your improve their mental and emotional wellbeing and habits might benefit from a Psychotherapy/Counselling session.

What are the charges?

See service rates

What are the Terms & Conditions?

See Psychotherapy & Counselling Terms and Conditions?

What is the duration of each session?

Both regular online and offline individual sessions are set at 1hour. Whereas, for couples or groups it may stretch to1.5 - 2hours.

How often do I need therapy to experience its benefits?

Every individual is unique. Hence, there is no concrete answer to this question since it is based on a case by case basis and its severity.  However, it is suggested to have at least undergone 4 to 5 sessions to experience some benefits. As mention before, the interval of the sessions may be on a daily, weekly, twice or once a month type based on the individual's goal and case.




What is Usui Reiki?
See Usui Reiki

Do you have to be a believer to benefit from reiki?

No, you don't need to believe in reiki or have any religious beliefs to benefit from it.

What are the charges?

See service rates

What are the Terms & Conditions for Reiki healing?

See Reiki Healing Terms & Conditions

What is the duration of each session?

Both regular online and offline individual sessions are set at 1hour. Distance reiki is set at 15 to 20 mins per session.

What is the difference between Distance reiki and Online/Offline Reiki?

In an online or face to face (offline) session, clients will be able to interact with the practitioner while experiencing hands-on reiki healing. Distance reiki only requires the client to allow the practitioner to send reiki energy to them within a particular timeframe or on a particular set date and time. Clients won't be able to interact with the practitioner during a distance reiki session. 

What happens to the photo (human/animal) after the distance reiki session?

If the client does not consent for the photo to be posted on the animal reiki page or testimonial post/video alongside their testimonial statement. Photos of the client will be deleted once the distance reiki healing session is over.

How often do I need therapy to experience its benefits?

Reiki is a simple yet powerful non-invasive alternative healing modality which can be experienced multiple times based on the client's needs. Personally, we usually recommend clients attend a minimum of 4 sessions for any sort of therapy to experience its benefits.

Reiki Healing


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