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A Holistic Mind-Body & Soul Approach to Psychotherapy

Reiki Psychotherapy (RePsy) is a combination of both the eastern and western approaches of aiding an individual to establish and sustain healthy wellbeing.

By integrating Reiki into therapy, enables us to increase and balance our energy in a positive way, which helps combat negative thoughts, emotions, and boost the immune system through a relaxing meditation approach.

Why Reiki Psychotherapy?

In some cases, as human beings, we often find ourselves struggling to express our emotions and/or thoughts verbally or non-verbally. Yet, a few of us might have encountered people saying to us that "your vibe speaks volumes as compared to your verbal and non-verbal cues". This is simply because we are all at the core, an energy beings living a human experience. 

In the past, western medicine viewed the body as separated from the mind. The human body is made up of several atoms and molecules and everything is a result of chemical reactions. Whereas Eastern medicine viewed the body as a whole. The mind, body, and soul are connected. As a whole, we are healthy and it was only a matter of being balanced or unbalanced (e.g. chakra points). 

Today,  for example, we have research and studies on the psychosomatic effect, placebo effect, and biofield energy, that helps us understand that we are whole. Our body has the capability of healing itself and our healing capabilities are shaped by both our internal and external environmental factors. 

Hence, we understand that at times, we do need to provide an integrative and holistic intervention that would help clients to feel empowered to heal certain aspects within themselves to create or sustain healthy well-being and lifestyle.

Reiki Psychotherapy is an integrative holistic intervention that serves to empower clients to heal themselves via psychotherapy and reiki. 

How does it work?

In Psychotherapy/Counselling practice, clients find themselves engaging in a dialogue with their therapist/counsellor to become aware of their subconscious mental and emotional blocks on a conscious cognitive level and come up with solutions to sustain a healthy mental and emotional well-being.


Whereas during a reiki session, clients find themselves being in a state of relaxation which promotes their body and mind to activate their body's natural growth response mode that is responsible to sustain a healthy immune system and energy. Hence, in the case of RePsy, clients will be able to experience the benefits of both modalities.

What to expect during sessions?

  • The sessions will be conducted in a regular therapy setting. 

  • Clients will be asked to fill up the confidentiality form after reading the terms and conditions.

  • Clients will be debriefed on Reiki healing and the heart chakra attunement process.

  • During sessions, clients will be engaging in a deep dialogue with the therapist exploring their mental and emotional selves while incorporating reiki techniques.

  • Clients will be taught how to implement reiki techniques in sessions to aid in sustaining healthy well-being.


Session Duration

  • Each session is 2 hours long online or face-to-face.

Booking and Payment procedures?