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Distance Reiki Healing


Distance Reiki Healing

There is no distance, time, space or reality that Reiki can't reach.

The healing that is practised when the recipient is not physically present is known as distant healing and this works in a similar way to being in the presence of the Reiki practitioner (sender). DRH allows the recipient to benefit from the reiki healing process even if they are unable to be present due to distance or illness.

Distance Reiki Healing

How does it work?

Using the primary reiki symbols, the sender will be able to send reiki just like sending a prayer or blessing. In technological terms, distance reiki is like sending someone a wireless blessing like an email or text message.

What is needed?

The recipient only just needs to give their full consent to the sender to send reiki. This can be done by booking online or directly contacting the sender for a DRH session. A recent photo with a visible forehead (3rd eye region) if not a detailed description of the recipient's name, birthday, and current address will be required for an accurate send.

What to Expect?

The universal life force energy (reiki) works in boosting the body's natural healing abilities. Reiki works at all levels (mind, body and soul), especially during a distance sent. Hence, during the DRH sessions, recipients are encouraged to sit in a quiet place and observe the reiki flowing through them. Reiki will still flow through the recipient even if the recipient is busy and not conscious about the flow. Based on experience, I have recipients who felt reiki flowing through them or simply reported feeling better even when they were busy doing their daily routine. 

Recipients may possibly feel a sense of heat, cold, or tingling (based on how your mind interprets the energy flow). It is also possible to not sense anything yet be able to feel a change in your energy. I had clients and sometimes I too do not sense the energy flowing through yet was able to feel more rejuvenated and feel lighter or emotionally better during and after the session.

Hence, recipients just have to keep an open mind and accept the Reiki energy as it flows.

Uses & Benefits


If you are unwell, or if you simply wish to maintain health, or to encourage a period of positive transformation in your life, then distance healing is a relevant therapy for you. If you have no free time, then it is possible to set up a session to be conducted while you are asleep. If on the other hand, you wish to participate in the therapy, which will enhance the effects, then you may consider booking for a full one-hour reiki treatment session or reiki share event.

Friends, Family and loved ones

If you wish to designate a recipient for healing, then it is a simple matter of you letting us know who that person is. Remember that it is only polite to ask the person first. If you are not able to make contact with the person due to illness (e.g. coma) then it is fine to proceed with the therapy, as it is the individual's own choice (subconscious) whether or not to accept the healing energy. Healers will always transmit the explicit understanding that energy will only be transferred if it is to the highest good of the recipient. 

Animals and plants

Anyone who has ever shared their lives with an animal friend, or worked closely with an animal in the course of work or daily life, will know that profound levels of understanding and communication are possible. Animals have fewer barriers to communication on an energetic level, as their instinct and sensitivity are honed to maximise survival. This makes animals very receptive to energy transference, and they will often show subtle signs that they are aware of the treatment, such as becoming placid or sleepy. 

For the same reasons, plants are excellent subjects for energy transference. Beyond striving for life and growth they are completely without agenda, and as such, they will accept and process any energy that is presented to them. This is a good thing when they are cared for appropriately and sent the positive energy of love and encouragement, but when they are ignored or left untended, they will absorb the indifference and growth rate will drop off. Note the difference in your household plants when you take the time each day to touch them gently, speak kindly to them and water and nourish them appropriately.

How long is the session?

Each session will last for 15 to 20 mins.


What is the sender's intention during the session?
The sender's intention would be to direct reiki to the recipient's "12 body position" (targets the endocrines system)and or to all chakra positions "be it to the highest good of the recipient".


You (the recipient) may request the sender to help you send reiki to a specific event or affirmation only on your behalf. Affirmation statements and sending labels will be shown to the recipient for confirmation prior to sending reiki to the recipient's intentions. Otherwise, the sender will just send reiki with the general intention mentioned above.

Note that the universe is 100% literal, it will only work towards the highest good/purpose of the recipient regardless of our consciousness. Hence, the sender is not responsible for any consequences, as everything (good & bad) happens for our highest good and the purpose of the client.

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