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  • Are your children out of control?

  • Do they misbehave at home and in public?

  • Are you struggling & don’t know what to do?

  • Are you really worried about their future?

Well We Have A Solution For You!




A Proven Parent Solution Over the last 45 years 100% safe, non-intrusive & empowers parents to reconnect with their children, improving & overcoming their children’s challenges, negative behaviour or habits.

A fantastic way of establishing unconditional love

SleepTalk® is an excellent, non-invasive, safe 2-minute process that you, the parent, conduct with your child in your home after your child has gone to sleep.

It has been successful in resolving all the issues mentioned above, sometimes in as little as a few days. It has been used effectively by thousands of families worldwide over the last 45 years since its founders, Joan and Jim Goulding, developed the process for their daughter Michelle with astounding results.

Even if your child has none of those issues but you want to ensure s/he feels deeply loved, secure and confident and is growing up with all the correct beliefs to live an empowered and productive life, then SleepTalk® is also for you.

Once learnt and applied correctly, it takes only a few minutes a night. And the results can be outstanding and life-changing for many families—no Medication Required.


Miss Eckshar was trained and mentored by Kerre Burley, CEO of The Goulding Institute. Not to be mistaken for The Goulding Method by Joan Goulding.

Phase 1 The Foundation
  • Improves ​ Children’s Anxiety, Happiness, Self Esteem & Confidence. ​

  • Duration: min. 3 months 2hours of consultations + unlimited phone and email support

Phase 2 The Bridge
  • Corrects ​ Habits, Separation Anxiety, Sibling Rivalry & Tantrums. ​

  • Duration: min. 3 months 2hours of consultations + unlimited phone and email support

Phase 3 Specific Statements
  • Improves​ ​ Behaviour, Development disorders i.e. Speech, Sleeping, Toileting or Eating, and Communication. Ideal for children on the spectrum.  ODD – ADHD – OCD ​

  • Duration: min. 3 months 2hours of consultations + unlimited phone and email support

  • Available Online

    Check to see if I am your best fit

  • Available Online

    Suitable for those interested in Phase 1 or individual phase.

    160 Singapore dollars
  • Available Online

    Entire package inclusive of Phase 1,2 & 3 Duration 6 months +

    480 Singapore dollars
  • Available Online

    Phase 1, 2 & 3 + 1 Distance reiki package [Duration 6 months +]

    560 Singapore dollars
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