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Events & Special Offers

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Relax, Heal and Empower Yourself

5 Days Self Discovery with Reiki

20th to 24th May 2024

Are you ready to experience the unique healing power of Reiki? Join us for a 5-day event where Reiki will guide you on a journey of self-discovery. This event is your chance to release negativity and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul in a way only Reiki can offer. Take advantage of this opportunity to transform your life. Register now and take the first step towards a more enlightened you. # selfdiscovery # reikihealing # mindbodysoul # healingjourney # positivevibesonly


Purpose of this event: Eckshar is embarking on a new journey to reinvent herself. She realised it would be nice to gather a few people who may also be going through a transitional period or thinking of reinventing or discovering themselves. She took advantage of the upcoming Vesak Day vibration and started this five-day event to help herself and others balance and rejuvenate their energy bodies. Also, Eckshar feels that this would be an excellent opportunity to observe the effect daily reiki healing practice has on our overall well-being.  

Who can attend?

Anyone interested in experiencing reiki energy healing can register for this event. Participants need not believe in it for it to work, and they do not need to be in person. Just be open to the experience of receiving distance reiki healing. 


What to expect during the five days?

Receive Usui Reiki Heart Charka Attunement: Participants will receive a distance Usui Reiki Heart Chakra Attunement. This attunement process will allow non-reiki participants to channel reiki energy temporarily through their palms for 2 to 4 weeks. Whereas, for reiki practitioners, receiving this attunement will give you an extra energy boost.

Newbies will only receive this usui reiki heart chakra attunement on the first day. Meanwhile, reiki practitioners will receive the attunement for five days.

Distance Reiki Healing: Participants will receive 15 to 20 mins of distance reiki healing from Reiki Master Eckshar to seal the attunement process. Eckshar will send all participants reiki energy for 15 to 20 minutes while she engages in her one-hour reiki meditation practice. Participants are encouraged to join her in the one-hour reiki meditation in real-time or whenever they are willing to do a one-hour reiki meditation. It is optional for newbies to engage in one-hour reiki meditation practice. 

Sending Reiki to Usui Reiki principles/affirmations: There are five Usui reiki principles; hence, during the five days, Eckshar will post the Usui principle or affirmation for the day for participants to chant, send Reiki or reflect upon. This activity is optional for participants.

Self-reflection activity: Participants may choose how to reflect and record their self-reflections and discoveries. Eckshar will guide participants on how to manage stress and anxiety and feel more comfortable observing, reflecting, and embracing themselves.


Registration: If you are interested in participating, WhatsApp Eckshar at (+65)81517640 in this format: State your Name followed by your age, ending the statement with #5dayreiki. Example: Dhivya, 42 #5dayreiki. 

Eckshar will add registered participants to a WhatsApp group chat for this event, where they will receive more information and guidance from Eckshar.

Image by Akram Huseyn
Time to give back 

Healer's Discount

To honour all Healthcare, Helping professionals, alternative and energy healers, we are offering 10 to 25% off for these selected services:​

*Clients will be asked to show official documents to indicate their authenticity to enjoy the benefits of the Healers package.

*Saviour Consultations reserves the right to revoke benefits if proper identification is not provided before any event, session, or class.

*Those who are eligible for this benefit can also apply it to a family member or friend who is not in the healthcare, helping, or alternative healing professions.

Shaping and comforting young minds

Student Discount

Tertiary students ages 18 and above are entitled to a discounted price of SGD 90 for both Face-to-face and Online Individual Psychotherapy sessions. 
Students below 21 years old are required to get parents, guardians or well-wishers (age 21 years and above) to sign off the confidentiality form. 
Students will be asked to show some identification to prove their age and eligibility of being a student.

Image by Pang Yuhao
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