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RSVP ends: 1 hour prior to the event


Click on the respective share title below to register


What is this share about?


It is all about reiki practitioners from the Usui-Takata linage across all levels coming together to exchange reiki and also share their reiki journey experiences with fellow reiki practitioners. 

These shares are only meant for Reiki Practitioners, hence non-reiki people are not allowed unless they have been given a temporary attunement prior to the share by a Reiki level 3/Master from the respective lineage. 


What is expected during the share?


Do have your meal or a light snack prior to the session so that you won’t go hungry. Those new to reiki are required to come in at least 15 mins earlier for the heart chakra attunement process.


  1. Introduction

    • We will begin by introducing ourselves to the group and share our reiki journey experiences.

      • Practitioners are allowed to ask questions regarding reiki techniques and spiritual emergencies/detox.

      • There will be no heart attunement process for practitioners during level R1 and R2 shares.

      • Participants are required to set your mobile devices to either silent or aeroplane mode prior to the BBQ session.

  2. Reiki Time

    • Reiki Level 1 Share [General Practitioner's Share]: 

      • All levels are welcome

      • I personally love to call the group reiki share as a BBQ session, where the recipient would experience the flow of Reiki coming from three or more people at one go for 10 to 15 mins depending on the group size.

      • Energy exchange rate: $10

    • Reiki Level 2 Share with Jaslyn

      • Only Level 2 and above are allowed to attend.

      • Going through the symbols and sending process

      • Sending Reiki to a group label and/or engage in turbo BBQ session.

      • Energy exchange rate:$15

    • Reiki Level 3/Master's Share [TBC]

      • Group heart chakra attunement  ​and/or BBQ session

  3. Zen ending [optional]

    • The session would end with a short-guided (Ong Prayer of Light) meditation followed by setting an intention for the week ahead.

  4. Photoshoot & Energy exchange

    • A group photo will be taken to be posted on the gallery page.

    • Do place your $10 - $20 (check respective share rate) donations in the abundance bowl prior to the session. Thank you.

Payment options:
-Paypal via Eventbrite

-Cash payment via Eventbrite. Choose the 'Other payment' option during check-out when you register under Eventbrite.

-All cash payment has to be exact and placed in the bowl prior to the session.

-Pay now / PayLah! and other payment methods: Payment methods

For more information and RSVP contact Eckshar at +65 81517640 (SMS/WhatsApp), email:

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