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Reiki Practitioner's Share

Usui Reiki Practitioner's Share

It is all about reiki practitioners from the Usui-Takata linage across all levels coming together to exchange reiki and also share their reiki journey experiences with fellow reiki practitioners. 

These shares are only meant for Reiki Practitioners, hence non-reiki people are not allowed unless they have been given a temporary attunement prior to the share by a Reiki level 3/Master from the respective lineage. 

What is expected during the share?


Do have your meal or a light snack prior to the session so that you won’t go hungry. 

  1. Introduction

    • We will begin by introducing ourselves to the group and sharing our reiki journey experiences.

      • Practitioners are allowed to ask questions regarding reiki techniques and spiritual emergencies/detox.

      • Participants are required to set their mobile devices to either silent or aeroplane mode prior to the reiki session.

  2. Reiki Time

    • Reiki Level 1 Share [General Practitioner's Share]: 

      • All levels are welcome

      • Recipients would experience the flow of Reiki coming from three or more people at one go for 10 to 15 mins depending on the group size.

    • Reiki Level 2 Share

      • Only Level 2 and above are allowed to attend.

      • Going through the symbols and sending process

      • Sending Reiki to a group label and/or engaging in a turbo reiki session.

    • Reiki Level 3/Master's Share:​

      • Only Level 3 and above are allowed to attend

      • Going through the symbols, sending and attunement process

      • Group heart chakra attunement  ​and/or reiki session

  3. Zen ending [optional]

    • The session would end with a short-guided (Ong Prayer of Light) meditation followed by setting an intention for the week ahead

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