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Image by Sarah Brown

Healer's Gathering


Date:  Suspended until further notice

Time:  11 am to 4 pm

Venue:  Saviour Consultations

What can you expect during the event?
  • Social networking – The main aim of this event is to gather healers from different professional and healing modalities to just exchange healing and share about their spiritual journey, how they overcome their spiritual emergencies (healing crisis), and also give support to each other’s personal and career growth. Simply, a space for like-minded individuals to gather to share knowledge.

  • What did I mean by healers?

As a psychotherapist and reiki teacher, I consider myself as a facilitator. Someone who aids others in their personal or spiritual growth and development, while in the process of enhancing my own personal and spiritual wellbeing. Hence, I welcome everyone, especially those from the health sector (both medical and social), the education sector, and the spiritual/healers’ sector to join this event and share your knowledge.

  • Pot luck – When there is an exchange of energy, you are bound to get hungry easily, so just bring your favourite food for others to try while we mingle.

    • Do kindly reframe from bringing alcoholic beverages. Thank you.

  • BBQ session – No it has nothing to do with the BBQ grill. I like to address a group reiki healing session as a BBQ session, due to the vibrations of group energy. However, this session would also involve multiple forms of healing modalities. This session would allow everyone to experience different forms of healing and also to practice their healing techniques.

    • Equipment’s on the location: 1 massage table, 7 plastic chairs, 2 yoga mats. 

    • Those who don't wish to participate may just choose to enjoy a conversation 

    • Participants can choose to ask for a single healing session if not comfortable in a group.

    • Reiki heart chakra attunements will only be offered to those new to reiki and would like to join in a BBQ session.


  • Movie/Guided meditation for healing (M/M) – An added feature of this event is to screen a movie or documentary related to mental and spiritual wellbeing. After the screening, we would discuss the relevance of the show's content in reality. The guided meditation for healing would only be done if time permits or when there is no movie screening.​​​​

  • Do note that this event is not done systematically as listed here. The BBQ segment might be done after the M/M segment if not never. 

Hope to meet a variety of healers on the 4th May 2019, 11 am to 4 pm
*You are not required to stay for the entire duration of the event


Photo Gallery of 2nd Gathering - 4th May 2019

Had the honour of hosting this event for the second time around. It was more of a sharing of experiences and knowledge event. Just pure unconditional love and support from each other. Together we shall continue to empower others as we heal ourselves.


Photo Gallery of 1st Gathering - 23rd Feb 2019

Thanks to all of my supporters for giving me the courage to make this event a successful reality. The date was set to honour a wonderful soul and also to celebrate the one-year anniversary of conducting reiki shares. 

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