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TBC 2020

Time: 11 am to 12.30 pm


@ Serangoon North

Date: TBC

Time: 7 pm to 8.30 pm

RSVP ends: 1 day prior to the event

@ONE Heart Singapore

Date: TBC 
Time: 7.30pm to 9pm


What is a Reiki share?


A delightful time to decompress, heal and experience Reiki in your own hands.  This session is open to all Reiki practitioners and complete beginners.  Please feel free to bring loved ones new to Reiki as I offer a Heart attunement to anyone wanting to experience the Reiki flowing through their own hands.


What is expected during the share?


Do have your meal or a light snack prior to the session so that you won’t go hungry.


  1. Introduction

    • We will begin by introducing ourselves to the group and share what brought you to the session and/or your interest in Reiki.

      • Newbies are encouraged to read up on the short description on reiki prior to the session to have an understanding of Reiki healing and cleansing process.

      • Questions on reiki will be entertained before and after the share, and not during the session due to time constraints.

      • Participants are requested to be on time or be present within the 10mins grace period. Latecomers will not be entertained once the heart attunement process has begun. 

      • Participants are required to set your mobile devices to either silent or aeroplane mode prior to the heart attunement process.

  2. Heart attunements

    • Newbies – Those who are new to Reiki will receive a reiki heart chakra attunement (also known as temporary attunement to Reiki), which will allow the recipient to experience Reiki flowing through their own hands. This attunement process would also allow the recipient to experience Reiki for about 2 weeks to a month depending on their own body capability.

    • Reiki practitioners – This attunement would serve as a boost for those who are already permanently attuned to Reiki.

  3. Reiki session aka BBQ time

    • I personally love to call the group reiki share as a BBQ session, where the recipient would experience the flow of Reiki coming from three or more people at one go for 10 to 15 mins depending on the group size.

    • During the session, individuals may experience the sensation of energy flowing through their hands while giving and other parts of their body while receiving. These sensations are experienced as heat, cold, tingling or nothing. It is normal for anyone to feel nothing at any point of his or her Reiki journey, especially during the humble beginnings.

    • The key is to keep an open mind when channelling Reiki energy, and just enjoy the entire process while reiki enhances the body natural healing capabilities.

  4. Zen ending

    • The session would end with a short guided meditation followed by setting an intention for the week ahead.

  5. Photoshoot & Energy exchange rate

    • A group photo will be taken to be posted on the gallery page.

    • Do place the fee of $15 in the bowl before you leave.

Payment options:
-Paypal via Eventbrite

-Cash payment via Eventbrite. Choose 'Other payment' option during the check out when you register under Eventbrite.

-All cash payment has to be exact and placed in the bowl anytime during the session.

 For more information about Reiki, do visit:


For more information and RSVP contact Eckshar at +65 9177 2572 (SMS/WhatsApp).

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