Reiki 2: Advance Class

Enhancing Reiki practice for personal growth

Usui Reiki Level 2 is taken at least 2 months after Level 1.  This period of time is an important opportunity to practice Reiki and ensure your energy is high.  Unlike Usui Level 1, the progressive workshops require the use of mental energy and as a result can be draining for those who have not been using their Reiki for self-healing.

During the Level 2 Workshop, a second degree attunement is given and 3 symbols are taught.  The practitioner is able to use the tools to enhance their Reiki flow, and to develop alternative uses of the Reiki energy.

  • The Empowerment symbol – increases Reiki flow as though ‘funnelling’ the energy to maximise flow rate and power.  Also empowers other energy fields.

  • The Harmony symbol – allows Reiki to be ‘wrapped’ around other energy fields and environments to increase harmony eg. harmonising homes, other people, incidents, for improved energy vibrations.  The symbol is also used to increase communicative powers, and intuition.

  • The Sending symbol – like an IDD number, this symbol allows Reiki to be sent to different energy fields whether they be other locations (both geographical or time), other energy incidents, internal blocks or emotional energy systems etc.  This is a very powerful source of personal growth as the practitioner can directly tune into issues and fix them on the casual plane.

Time commitment: 12 - 18hours (including 1hour breaktime) spread across weekday or weekend classes.


Workshop Fee: $510 SGD, inclusive of Reiki Manual and Certificate of completion. The fee is applicable for both private and public classes.


If the scheduled public workshop dates do not suit your availability, you may contact us and put up a request for the workshop to be conducted on dates do-able for you. 


Students from other teachers (Lineage Usui/Hayashi/Takata)
Sometimes switching teachers can create a few extra hurdles as often Reiki teachers have different styles and also teach different techniques and philosophies.   To help prepare you for the class we really recommend you get a copy of Reiki, Pure and Simple by Reiki Master and founder of The Reiki Centre, Elaine Grundy, which outlines many of the Reiki 1 techniques as well as the theory we teach in class.

We have noticed a big difference in people in terms of less confusion and a much better understanding of the level 2 techniques when they are familiar with the way we teach and the general background we have already covered at Level 1.

Hence, If you did not train with Eckshar or by a teacher recognised by The USUI Reiki Association or The Reiki Centre for level 1, please refer to these important guidelines before signing up for the class. Thank you. 


Registrations are MUST:

Payment options:

  • Online: Paypal payment via Eventbrite link

  • Cash payment: Exact cash payment on the workshop day.

  • Bank/iBanking Transfer or Pay now/PayLah!: Contact Eckshar for details at +65 9177 2572

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