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"Very friendly and great healer"

Nini, 23, Singapore, Animal Reiki Healing & Distance Reiki Healing, Rated: Good

"Eckshar is very patient and passionate about the things she do and share them with me. She's willing to walk me through everything even if it means to take up extra time."

Vivienne Loh, 26, Singapore, Usui Reiki Intro & Share / Ideal Scene Event, Rated: Excellent

"Liked the way counseling was done. Eckshar is a sincere being who wants the well being of others. Not many have the gift of gap. Some needs good advice, some need appropriate advice, some need knuckle advise. She knows how to mediate that. Well done"

Steven, 43, Singapore, Psychotherapy & Counselling, Rated: Excellent

"Eckshar has exquisitely calming long lasting Reiki sessions. Both with group and individual sessions I felt completely happy. Most notably, animals of all kind continued to come to me while in Eckshar's sessions, whether I was at the ocean, a city cafe or near the forest- and animals don't lie."

S. Gia, 50, Apia, Samoa, Usui Reiki Intro & Share / Ideal Scene, Distance Reiki Healing, Reiki Healing (1hour), Rated: Excellent

"Eckshar has always been very welcoming and understanding. She listens patiently and cares about everything little detail. She will then gently guide you through your thought processes and help you find that peace of mind or perhaps just a switch in the way you are thinking, and it truly is helpful. I handle my emotions and stressors better because of her and I will always be grateful."

Manov, 34, Singapore, Psychotherapy & Counselling, Rated: Excellent

Liked best: "I liked the ability to not be there in person because i know that for me and many others it can be difficult because of location, schedule or even anxiety so it was very helpful to know that all I had to do was to be open to receiving"

How to improve: "I really don't have any complaints, what was promised was delivered."

Anything to add: "It's amazing to me how Eckshar was able to pinpoint and help mend my discomfort so perfectly, it's been a great help and I wish you all the best, thank you so much."

Manov, 34, Singapore, Psychotherapy & Counselling, Rated: Excellent

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