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"Ask The Therapist" blog series Introduction

Updated: May 7, 2023

I understand that many of you have questions with regards to psychotherapy, mental health topics and the role of reiki in therapy. Therefore, this platform is created to encourage you to submit questions pertaining to the respective services especially for psychotherapy/counselling.

All the questions will only be answered via “Ask the Therapist" blog series. Doing so, serves the purpose of sharing information with others with similar enquiries. Furthermore, readers will also gain more insights on my approach to healing.

So, just send in your questions and wait for your answers to appear on a weekly/monthly “Ask the Therapist blog”.

Submit your questions via +65 8151 7640: Title – “Ask the therapist blog” Message: Name (real or pseudo name), Age, Gender, Country, followed by your question(s)

Submission format [Example]

"Ask The Therapist"

Brainy, 42, Female, Brazil

  • What is depression?

  • How can reiki psychotherapy help to manage stress?

  • What is expected of the client during therapy?

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