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Interviewed by MysticMag

The timing of this interview was one of the many ways the universe is telling/showing me, "we got your back".

As of mid Jan 2024, I found myself re-inventing and taking stock of the things and people who mattered to me the most, as I started to paint my room after several years. I felt it was long over due for my room to have a makeover, and since of late I was drawn to the colour green, I decided to change the colours of my room to match my present and future vibe. I must say wasn't a smooth process as I anticipated, but I survived.

During the process, I was hit to confront stagnant vibes and the triggered thoughts and emotions. It took me longer than usual to complete painting three quarters of my room, especially when I got sick after majority of the sidewalls and ceiling with the main colour light yellow (spirited away), leaving the ascend wall to be painted green (faraway).

At this point you might be wondering how is this being linked to my Interview with MysticMag. During my recovery period, I met up with one of my bestie whom I have known for almost 17 years. After meeting her, I realised I deserved to be treated better and be surrounded by people who I can go to during times of need. For many years, I grieved the person I once knew, but after a incident during my trip to Penang, I realised I have outgrown her in many ways, and she no longer resonate with my growth. She is a nice person, however, it was just few weeks ago, where I mustered the courage to cut the energetic cords with gratitude. I thanked her on an energetic level, after realising that she was not able to understand on the physical level how her constant emotional gaslighting and manipulation affected my well-being. I prayed to divine forces for support and asked them to guide me to people who will help me growth.

That's when I found myself scheduling appointments with people who would educated me on how I can seek government fund aid to expand my business, and people like Sarah Kirton from I remember receiving the email asking me if I would be interested to be interviewed for their blog. I was feeling thrilled and humbled by the opportunity that came the moment I spoke out to the universe that I no longer give myself the permission to be affected by people link my friend.

Our interview was held via Zoom on the 6th Feb 2024, 6.30pm (SGT). Sarah asked me the questions which she has mailed earlier for me to prepare, however, I just found myself on auto-pilot mode answering her questions, instead of my original script. A part of me realised that I was probably babbling at some point and went off track due to excitement. But Sarah was nice and patient. She sent me a draft the next day before the article was published. I was amazed by Sara's talent for translating my words and emotions with grace and beauty. She articulated my raw excited emotion with class and professionalism. I simply edited a few lines to match the vibe of the article which was better than my original intentions.

This interview gave me the opportunity to express my gratitude to my parents. All of these experiences would simply be just a dream without their unconditional love and support. The questions asked during the interview reminded me of my growth and purpose, and inspired me to continue doing what I love with confidence. Continue to shine and never to dim my light for anyone, as the right opportunity will find you when you call out for guidance, support or help.

Thank you to the team of MysticMag for giving me this opportunity which aided my healing.

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